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We love music and we are a Broadcasting & Media Production Company that focuses on the Soca, Reggae and Dance-Hall music Genres and their integrations. Broadcasting Live on the World Wide Web. We don’t own the rights to the music being played here. We respect our genre and we want to contribute to it in the best way possible coming from our experiences and life driven choices thru music.
DJ Uncle UP originally from Barbados and DJ UP UP / DJ Unruly from Finch Cresent, Jamaica. Uncle Up started DJaying from 17 years old in Brooklyn N.Y 1990 in the days of Early B, Penie Irie and Tiger. "Uncle Up" "My favorite music i heard it first before i knew about reggae music was Night Nurse"
Being ambassadors in music we decided to make it public to give you the same view and energy we receive from the music of the world. This is a real website and we are real people. We listen to all the music we play and make decisions on if to play them of not.
The sources of our music are already public for you to listen to on the respected platforms. We do not received any fees for the music that we play unless the artist contact us directly. we already have artists in our following and client list that use our services and as a blessing we usually give them their own pages or slots and a token of appreciation for any tasks they completed for us. If you want to be published on our platform contact us.

Other artists that we promote without notifying them first are respected enough for us to include them and a legendary part of musical history. Another reason this platform will become very useful is because we will list as much information as possible to keep you informed about the progress of music in general. We feel this is our duty to you as we love the music as much as you do. We also play your music in parties and mixes if we find them interesting or appropriate to deliver life messages.

Up Life to us mean: Every Thing we wdo we do it UPWARDS. For one we doings fwd which also means Up Ward. We say

"Up and Running"

and these words running our energy and drive for the music. Most Most Have UP WARD VYBZ in them and thats the pattern we follow and deliver great mixes and selections for all events and compilations.

Thats why we are the no one run to for backtive for the Dance-Hall/ Reggae/ Soca/ Roots community.

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