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Hitman Walle


Dance-Hall, Reggae


Track Hit List :

Girls Fa Life

Heal The World

Miss You I Cry

Heal The World

Hit Man Walle: Spanish Town, Jamaica

Popular Songs by:

Hitman Walle

Singles: Miss You I Cry, Heal The World, Keep On Singing, Girls Fa Life, Caribbean Queen, Run The Dance-Hall, Women Stress, Party Next Door


Hitman Walle Biography Dj Hitman Walle was born Walter Nembhard in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica to parents Hylton Nembhard and Florence Porter. He was born in a family of seven, he being the second boy for his parents. Walter Nembhard attended Miss Step Basic School. Walter, at the tender age of eight years old, he was spotted by the choir leader at his church. He was very focused on his newly developed talent at that time, so he was keen on becoming a star in the Jamaican Music Industry. Walter while going to school appeared on several stage shows. He was a self driven, humble and persistent young artiste. Walter went to penny concerts at school, parties at nights and attended certain studios during some days. It was while learning about Jamaican Music that Walter realizes success was not an option. Working with Creation High Power at 16 years old, he was booked and appeared on Reggae Kwanza in 1995. This was his first major show where he performed on the same stage as Bounty Killa, Mr Lex and many more artistes. The shocking performance on this show brought him in contact with many popular industry persons such as Louise Frazer- Bennett which was one of the best managers during the 1990’s. She managed artistes like Nardo Ranks, Sister Nancy, Ninja Man and was also the P.R.O and founder of Sound System Association in the 90’s. Hitman Walle was identified as a promising young act where as the promoter of Teen Splash Linval Gibbons believed that his talent could enhance his shows success, so he became a regular performer. The young Dj became a household name on Teen Splash back then and was bombarded by many media personnel for highlights on radio and television. In 1999, Hitman Walle’s combination song with Mallory Williams titled “Cha Cha Cha” hit the chart in Michigan. During this time, the Dj was giving electrifying performance on stage shows all over. Walle was no stranger to popular songs for he has worked with Shaka Pow on two songs “Cellular Ring” and “Don’t Hurt the Star”. It was that time in his career that Donovan Carter discovered his extraordinary talent. Mr. Carter produced songs like “Wanted Man”, “Good Star”, “Survival Game”, and “Garbage Truck”. In 2009, Hitman Walle went on to record the popular social commentary “Go Away Poverty” for Ben Rose Records. Throughout Hitman Walle’s career, he shared the same stage with stars as Lady Saw, Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Merciless and Lady G. Currently, Hitman Walle’s album “Heart Cries” is in the iTunes chart in Kenya. This album picked up over 30000 views on Moby Picture site. He also has a popular combination with African Dj Blacka T that is burning up the airwaves in Ghana. The newest project is a single titled “Caribbean Queen. This is a six the hard way combination featuring Singing Melody, Hitman Walle, Ginjah, Jah Mason, Power Man and George Nooks, The single was featured on UK’s SFDC Radio Power Play recently where it was placed second with a total of 6008 votes to the winner’s 6030 votes, The song is available on iTunes and many other sites. Hitman Walle has performed in North America and Canada and does frequent interviews on radio and television internationally. He worked on numerous sound systems over the years and that propelled his dynamic stage craft. Walle is a God-fearing and a workaholic musically and in his spare time, he socializes with groups in and around Spanish Town. The Dj is working on one day topping the charts while taking good music to the hearts.


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